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Classes & Studies, Timetables & Schedules, Meetings & Reviews, BORE'iyat - Mondays are time get back into a box! 

They don't have to be with "TYUNAMI Maxmimum Mondays" - where every Monday brings new contests, new friends, new excitement, and MAXIMUM MUSIC!

So get ready to welcome Maximum Mondays!

11th Sep   2017


Minimum Rules:

1. The Tyune MUST have been uploaded on Monday, 11th September 2017. 

2. The Tyune can be you singing, playing and instrument or Jamming on someone else's Tyune. It can be audio, or video. But it MUST be your own performance.

3. You can share the Tyune via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS etc. Remember, views on your Tyune's web link are also counted towards total views, so the more you share, the more views your Tyune can get. 

4. Only the views shown against your Tyune in the Tyunami app or the web link of your Tyune will be considered.

5. The Tyune with the maximum views by Sunday 17th September 23:59.hrs. will be declared the winner.

Winners will be declared by the following Monday 18th September.

6. Tyunami's decision with respect the rules, disqualification, and selection of winners will be final.

This Monday, get maximum views for your Tyune and win exclusive merchandise!! It's simple...

1. Upload a new Tyune on Monday 11th September,

2. Use #MaxiMon in the Description of your Tyune,

3. And get maximum views for your Tyune.

Always Sound Awesome

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