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Get more views for your Tyunes

Record in high quality on Tyunami, Share everywhere

Want more people to view your awesome musical performance? Just share it on your favourite social network and let your friends see your talent.

FB, Instagram, Whatsapp, Email, SMS...

Just click on the share link on any Tyune to share instantly on your favourite platform. Don't worry, others need not install Tyunami to see your performance (although we highly recommend it :-). They will get a web page link to view your Tyune.

Share Your Tyune

YouTube Sharing

You can also share your Tyune, beautifully enhanced with our filters, on your YouTube channel. Simply download the recording on your phone and then upload it to your YouTube account.

Share Privately

Did you know you can also share your Private Tyunes (recordings you have saved as Private) with only the specific people you want? Just go to your Private Tyune from your Account page, and click on the share button, then share it via Whatsapp, SMS or EMail with that one special fan :-).

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