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Shri Arun Vohra, an accomplished flautist from New Delhi, India, has been enthralling us with his beautiful renditions of gems from Bollywood. Since joining the Tyunami community in February, he has already shared more than 100 Tyunes.

We dedicate this week to celebrating Mr. Arun Vohra’s passion.

Tyune-in to #100Tyunes celebrations:

  1. Congratulate him via Tyunami app messages, in your comments or on our Facebook page

  2. Request-a-Song: Send in your Requests: <songname>#100tyunes via comments or on our Facebook page and perhaps he will delight us by playing your requests.

  3. Jam Now: on any of Arun’s existing Tyunes. Save your Tyune name with #100Tyunes. He will choose the best composition and the reward ☺.

Here’s wishing Mr. Arun Vohra many more years of beautiful music!

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